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Ballistic Backlinks

Learn the exact system I used to land over 50 guest post backlinks in less than 12 months.

Link building is only as good as the system you use to build them. And while tools exist to speed up the process, like an Ahrefs Monthly Plan or MailShake; these tools are expensive.

I show you step-by-step how you can bootstrap a system that's just as effective at a fraction of the cost. My blog is proof that with a little ingenuity, persistence, and concerted effort, anyone can build links, grow their domain authority and supercharge their traffic levels!

Ready to go on a link-building journey with me?

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Instructors: Chris Panteli



I started building websites with ZERO knowledge of SEO, let alone link building...

And yet in a little under a year, this happened...

Google still loves good quality backlinks, and probably gives it more ranking weight than any other factor!

So even if your keyword research, on-page SEO, internal linking, and all the little green lights in your Yoast Plugin are on point; you still need link juice to rise in the rankings and get traffic!

And guess what, even though landing guest post links has got harder over the years; it's still definitely viable to consistently gain links with my method. 

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And I can show you exactly how to do the same for FAR LESS MONEY than any agency will charge!


Your Guest Post Backlink Building Sherpa ⛰️

Founder of

My name is Chris Panteli and I founded LifeUpswing with zero knowledge of SEO. In fact, I had never even used WordPress; let alone built links. After a few months of completely messing up my site, picking the wrong keywords, and completely hindering my chances of ranking, I finally managed to get my act together

I took the Stupid Simple SEO course, performed a brutal content audit, and started to master keyword research. Slowly, my posts began to rank in the top 30, and then top 20, and then all the way to πŸ₯‡.

After many painstaking months trying different link-building strategies, and following the advice of giants in the SEO world, I was at a loss. 

Outreach was a painstakingly slow process and yielded very little. I knew I needed to find more prospects, send more emails, and put together a system that could run alongside the thousands of other things I needed to do for my blog.


...why take my course

The Ballistic Backlinks Course will teach you the process required to build niche relevant guest post backlinks; at scale. And more importantly, on a budget. When it comes to growing your domain authority, trust, exposure, and traffic, we know that high-quality backlinks are still the crΓ¨me de la crΓ¨me in the eyes of Google. 

Put simply, the more quality backlinks you build, the more traffic you'll get and the more money your website will earn!



The problem is, when you don't have a 5 figure agency budget and access to expensive tools, the entire process can seem futile😑πŸ₯΅πŸ˜•:

    • How can you send hundreds of semi-personalized emails each and every day?
    • How do you build relevant prospect lists to even begin your outreach?
    • How are you supposed to pay for all this content, or find the time to do it yourself?
    • Which URLs should you target for links? And what anchor text should you be using?

    What if I were to tell you my exact process:

    1. Landed me over 50 guest posts in less than 12 months.
    2. Increased my Domain Rating (Ahrefs) from 2.3 to 22.
    3. Meant I was able to land 1-2 guest posts per week, which was both manageable for my time and my wallet.
    4. Allowed me to outsource the guest post content and find great writers for less than 0.025 cents per word (normally less than $25 per article).
    5. Results in a system that is replicable, scalable, safe, and simple!

    In fact, my site's organic search traffic doubled in as many months and my organic keyword growth trajectory is straight up!

    You SHOULD NOT be scared to build links.

    Your competitors are doing it and getting first-page rankings for their efforts.

    If you want to watch me walk you through the entire process, share my templates, hacks, tricks, and exact system step-by-step, then join the course and never look back. 

    I am also AVAILABLE on email and a number of prominent Facebook blogging groups where I will ALWAYS reply. πŸ“§ πŸ“±πŸ˜Š

    This journey doesn't need to be a solo one. Let someone who's been there and done it hold your hand all the way to the first position in Google!

    Get started now

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    these bonus modules will take your website growth to the next level

    #Bonus 1

    HARO Link Building Strategy

    Guest posts have been my bread and butter link-building strategy, but adding HARO links to the mix can really explode your growth and authority. Getting links from places like New York Times, Forbes, CreditCards, Yahoo, and MSN (which I do) is not easy - but they are some of the best links you can get. 

    My HARO strategy includes a FULL VIDEO tutorial on how to respond to journalist requests, what to include in your quotes and how to maximize your chances of being selected. I also throw in my templates for good measure...

    #Bonus 2

    Keyword Rabbit Hole Tutorial

    Choosing the right keywords is the basis of any good SEO strategy. You need to be able to rank and you MUST be picking keywords that fit into your niche, meet your reader's needs and have the ability to bring you traffic. 

    One of the best ways to find an endless supply of keywords comes from utilizing data from people you manage to get guest posts from. It's a little cheeky, but once you get your guest posts published, I show you how to find easy-to-rank for keywords from the site that just published your post. You can use a paid tool, budget tool, or a mix of free hacks I've put together that work brilliantly.

    #Bonus 3

    Facebook Community Sharing Group

    Building out your prospect list is by far the most expensive and time-consuming part of any link-building strategy - even with my budget method, it's still the case. But once you've put in the work, sent out all your emails, and exhausted your list, it seems a shame to simply throw it away. 

    That's where the Facebook group comes into its own. You can swap and share your lists with fellow course members in similar niches. This way, your initial investment in building a prospect list could pay dividends for years to come. This bonus gives you full lifetime access to the group and possibly hundreds of thousands of prospects lists - so you could be doing guest post outreach at zero cost; forever!!

    πŸ˜•Still not sure?

    Try 100% Risk-free for 30 days

    I am certain you will love this course, and it will totally change the way you view outreach link-building. The system works and you will grow your authority with highly niche relevant guest post backlinks. 

    If for any reason though you don't like the sound of my voice, the look of my face, the content I deliver, or anything else you can think of, I will give you a full refund

    No Questions Asked

    Simply navigate your way to the "30 Day Money Back Guarantee" module in the course, and follow the instructions. It's as easy as sending me an email (which you should be pretty at good at now anyway). As long as it's within 30 days of purchasing the course, you'll get a full refund.

    Who should enroll in the Ballistic Backlinks course?


    People who like actionable systems that work.

    If you take the time to follow, learn and implement the course teachings, you will build niche relevant guest post links. This system is repeatable, methodical, logical, safe, and cost-effective.  

    Beginner Bloggers, Niche Website Owners, and SEO Superstars alike.

    A good system is a good system, period. I know this system works because I've done it. The course is not a black hat, scam-inducing linkfest. The process I developed is built on a tried and tested framework that simply reduces the costs involved with any outreach campaign.

    Hard workers, triers, and go-getters. 

    Outreach is a necessary evil, but if you work at a high enough volume you will get results. The added bonus of any outreach campaign is building long-lasting relationships with people operating in your niche. 

    Anyone who has been put off by the idea of building links.

    I know, I get it. You get started in this crazy world of blogging and think if you produce great content and build it; they will come. Unfortunately, everyone is producing great content, that's the minimum. We have to nudge the odds in our favor and tell Google how great we are by the links we build. Don't be put off by this step of the process, if I can do it, seriously, anyone can!

    Who should NOT enroll in the Ballistic Backlinks course?


    Course Hoarders

    You know who you are! I'm guilty of it myself. You buy a course thinking it's the answer to your problems and give up before you've even started. Or worst still, you don't even start. Once you enroll in the course, the easy part is done. I show you step-by-step how to start getting your first guest post backlinks in as little as a couple of weeks - but you have to do the work!

    People without a blog/website OR any published content

    It almost goes without saying, but in order to instill confidence in webmasters that you're worthy to write them a guest post, your own site needs to be live and have some content. Ideally, your site will look great, have great content, load fast, and have a coherent message. 

    People who have no time

    While this system does reduce the amount of time a typical targetted or sniper outreach campaign would demand, it still does require a commitment. If you can't find the time to follow the steps alongside your regular job and other blog requirements, you should wait until you do. 

    People who aren't prepared to invest in their business

    Building links will cost you either time, money, or a combination of the above. Building your prospect list will be the biggest outlay, but my method makes this significantly cheaper than using premium tools or services. I always provide two options for the link-building activities involved; namely for building the prospect list, writing the content, and analyzing the metrics. Often, the trade-off for less financial outlay is the requirement for more time. 


    I've heard you should never pay for links? Is this a white-hat form of link building?

    I cover this in more detail within the course. But in lamens terms, Google does not want you to build links at all. You should write great content and wait to attract natural links over time. Good luck ranking a website with this approach. In actual fact, the biggest thing you want to avoid is spammy, paid-for, low-quality links. Guest posting is about as safe as you can get, and if your competitors are doing it (which they are) then you sure as hell better be as well. 

    So if you shouldn't pay for links, why do you keep talking about the costs involved with guest posting?

    There is a monumental difference between buying a link off Fiverr or some backstreet agency and embarking on a guest posting campaign. The former will get your site a manual penalty from Google, the latter, while safer, still demands a cost.  Any campaign will require at least some expenditure. For example, building a huge list of prospects will require paid-for-tools, and producing the content for the guest post, while can be done by yourself, could also be outsourced at a cost. These costs are indirectly related to the backlink itself but are necessary for a successful campaign. Don't worry though, you can build out a decent-sized list for a couple of hundred dollars with my methods - which could ultimately generate 20+ links. Plus, you'll have access to the Facebook Share Group with plenty more prospect lists at no additional cost. 

    Will this course help get me more traffic?

    I wouldn't be selling it if it didn't. Good quality backlinks are still the number one ranking factor. The more good quality, niche-relevant links you build, the higher your Google rankings will be - and the more traffic your blog or website will receive. 

    Is this information available for free online?

    I would imagine so, what isn't online these days? But is it available in a concise, tried-and-tested manner that won't have you spending hours down a Google rabbit hole? The concepts I teach within the course are known to work, and the value the course brings is in implementing these strategies on a tight budget - and still delivering the same results. I made Ballistic Backlinks so you could learn what I know works - and also to have access to a community group resource that will become increasingly more valuable as students enroll.  

    What else will I need to purchase?

    In order to embark upon your first campaign, you will need a $7 one-off Ahref's trial as well as a one-off payment to cleanse your prospect list - which could also be done manually to avoid the cost. But in order to save time, it's advised to pay to have this done (my method significantly reduces this cost to under $200). But once you have your list (normally more than 5000 domains, emails, and contact info) this should last you for 6-12 months worth of outreach - building 1-2 links per week. And the process can be repeated alongside FREE lists you acquire from the community group. Outreach does, unfortunately, incur costs, there is no way around it. But this method drastically minimizes it while still getting results. 

    In what format is the course delivered?

    Nearly all video - with on-screen, step-by-step instructions. 

    How long do I have access to the course?

    Lifetime - including any and all future updates + the community Facebook group and ALL bonus modules. 

    Do you offer a refund policy?

    Of course, if it's not for you then you can email me for a full refund within 30 days of purchase - no questions asked!

    How do I get started?

    Hit the BUY NOW button below, and never look back. You're one click away from becoming a backlink-building superstar!

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